4F Bund18
18 Zhongshan East Road
Tel: 63298100 / 63299100
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 22:00

A celebrated Parisian designer once spoken highly of by one of the world’s top home magazines spent a year creating a beautiful and poetic space on the fourth floor of Bund18. It has become a sought-after place among upper-class ladies and corporate elites who seek a worm-to-butterfly metamorphosis.

As a beauty club, Hüdié is known for using Biologique Recherche, the French high-end skincare brand dedicated to providing each and every customer with tailor-made formulas, which contain highly active concentrates developed by a group of top bio, chemical and dermatological experts from Europe.

In terms of body care, Hüdié boasts two projects – one is the “fat expert” project. The aim is to better bodily functions through the highly efficient slimming program and scientific analysis on the basis of the cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, which is able to generate the entire body image and accurately locate the target fat-reducing parts.

The other is “energy regimen”. The usage of 120 different kinds of grinded minerals and nano/far-infrared technologies helps infiltrate heat energy more efficiently and evenly into the human body. Combined with high-purity essential oils, the natural heat energy can have a great impact on meridians in body and facilitate blood circulation. Customers tend to feel warm and comfortable throughout their body, with their skin nourished. After the treatment, the body looks as if it went through “Gua Sha”, a traditional Chinese medical treatment.

Hüdié is committed to making its customers more beautiful, healthier, happier, and harmonious in their mind and body.